A ghost, a mouse and a 4 armed yeti

It's that spooky, fiery time of year.

The kids get a real kick out of all things Halloween. I really, really don't. I sort of feel like I should be more into it for them but you can't fake that kind of enthusiasm. I should know - Greig tries every year when Christmas rolls around every year. (Sorry Greig).

But I love costumes so it's always fun getting them together. And I like food so that's all good. And we have friends who dress up every year much to the unbridled delight of my children. And this year I hung up orange felt pumpkins and a fake bat and a couple of glow in the dark skeletons. And I'm happy to pack them away until next year!

First up on our autumn schedule was a trip to the Dragon Matrix in Monikie Park. It was something Brodie heard about and when I mentioned it to a school mum she said they were planning to go so we met up with them there. The children had to find clues and use the smart phone app to help the Dragon Protection League protect dragons. They seemed to really love it and I appreciated the work that had gone into making the trail seem quite magical. The light was very low though so photographs were challenging.


Apparently the follow up next year is going to be even better!

Monikie Park is handily close to our Halloween crazy friends. I'm sad to say I didn't manage to get a snap of them dressed up as a squid/monster and heavily pregnant woopie cushion. A massive oversight I know - still kicking myself. But if I get my hands on some evidence I will most definitely be posting that ALL OVER the internet. Needless to say the kids were falling about laughing at the costume reveal. Auntie Kerry came through with amazing food, games, dooking for apples and providing the best time. Thanks Kerry!

Halloween continued at home with a visit to Granny's. The big kids went to the Halloween disco at school and we also hit up Great Granda for some supplementary sweeties and I'm not going to lie. By that point even I was bored of the mouse, the ghost and the 4 armed yeti.


Fireworks night rolled around. We decided it was probably a bit cold for Baxter so he banked some extra Granny and Granda time. The big kids were tired and it was freezing but we had fun. I have strong memories of the excitement of watching fireworks as a child and I still get a thrill . Hope the kids will tag along with me for a few years yet!



Love Sundays

I love Sundays  for all the reasons you might do too.

I have time to spend with my family when no-one needs to go to work or school or just out. I have time to cook and bake and of course eat. This Sunday I labelled endless pieces of school uniform because now I have TWO school age children and you better believe I'm labelling everything I possible can because #bekindtoteachers

And because sometimes I can squeeze in a bit of blogging too.

I think my favourite place to take photos is on the beach. And lots of my favourite photos of the kids have been taken on the beach. I mean beautiful background, beautiful children, how can you lose?

On holiday this year we spent a lot of time at the beach. Some days I was organised with spare clothes and healthy food and carefully timed naps. And sometimes we just rocked up with snacks which come in packets and tucked our dress in our knickers and got on with it. This trip was one of the latter and these images are exactly what I want to capture. Childhood in all it's salty, messy, time bending, elemental glory. My beach babes.