Knit it real good

Thanks for encouraging my gut bacteria obsession family and friends and random blog readers. You guys are the best.

I'm not joking.

My sister in law sent me the link to this video

I mean, transplanting gut bacteria seems gross, and dangerous and frankly ridiculous..........but at the same time I think it might be the future. Not Jetson cars or hoverboards. Gut bacteria tinkering, that's what we'll all be doing.

Yesterday I did some knitting while listening to the S-town podcast. And I completely lost track of time. The kids were playing in the garden with Greig supervising and for the first time in years I think, after an hour I looked up and genuinely felt like I had been transported in time. I was so absorbed in listening and sewing up sleeves I forgot what was going on around me. It was lovely. How can I do it again?

It's now Monday afternoon and I'm watching the snow fall. Ah Scotland.

Finally finished this crochet blanket for Quinn. Now Grier has put in her request for a rainbow crochet blanket. I imagine she can expect to take delivery of it in 2021. 

Friday night. Brodie at football. These two munching toast. Standard.

This is the cardigan I finished. It's from an old pattern I found in our local charity shop and this is the biggest size. I'm so glad I had time to knit it before Baxter was too big because it's just lovely. I love this photograph, so Baxter. Scoop the digger and kinetic sand and completely ignoring your Mum's requests to pose in your new cardigan.  Baxter at two.

Easter 2017

The egg hunt tradition around here usually happens indoors, you can usually count on wet weather over Easter in Scotland. In our jammies. With the kids leaving a trail of destruction as they hunt for the next clue. Then we usually just laze about eating chocolate eggs, watching tv and playing. This year we headed to Granny and Granda's house for another egg hunt and the adults enjoyed dinner, which was delicious, and so much more so when someone else cooks for you - thank you!. The kids didn't eat much - give or take a yorkshire pudding or 3 on account of all the chocolate eggs eaten all ready.

I told Greig yesterday, I hope when the kids are grown and settled in their own nests they might want to come home for Easter. That they will come home and we can relive this season for a day.  I will bake Easter Bread and serve chocolate eggs in egg cups for breakfast and hang my glittery egg garland up and buy tulips and daffodils. I hope so.

Clue 1 was hidden in the artfully messy fridge. Ok then, just messy. Took them ages to find it though.

Baxter was delighted to find a (not hidden) Easter biscuit. Not part of the hunt but no matter.

This was a red herring, he was looking for a 'pair'. He thought socks but the trickster clue writer meant shoes. 

Found you!

Some bunnies

A break

There's nothing like a school break to make you feel like you need a holiday.

We've been busy with day trips and activities and playing in the garden and crafting and, and, and......

If I could get away with a sofa nap every day I would have. Baxter has it down.

The two week break has gone by so quickly. And it makes me excited for the summer holidays and picnics and dirty faces and tent building and water fights and beach trips and probably sofa naps. For me I mean.

We spent some time at the National Museum of Scotland this week so the big kids could attend a science festival event. They loved it. Baxter loved the animals and weird stuff in jars. And I had my phone stolen somewhere in the train station or museum. It's annoying because I've lost photos and contacts so if you try to message me and I don't get back to you soz. Keep trying please!

I've been reading this book

I would really recommend it if you are as interested in gut bacteria as I am. I know it's a little niche but I am absolutely convinced the health of our microbiome is the key to everything. I'm now experimenting with prebiotics and probiotics but I have no idea if that kind of thing is appropriate to blog about and/or discuss at the dinner table. My sense of propriety might be slightly skewed living with mostly feral children.

As in, a few mornings ago I was researching composting in a gardening book. So I can make my own compost to improve my homegrown vegetables which my gut bacteria are going to LOVE. Anyway back to the book. Grier starting groaning and making gagging noises. When I looked up she said 'No way am I eating that'


'No way am I eating that thing in your recipe book Mum'

She thought I might try to feed her compost.

I'll leave that thought with you.


so big


watchin' the wheel

I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun and chocolate and fun. 

The Show

This year's dance show fast approaches. I hoped I might be able to get a couple of photographs of Grier in her costumes so I can maintain 'dance mom' status and have them blown up to billboard size. Kidding - kind of.

Last year my tiny ballerina would have none of it and I got a couple of pictures of her rolling her eyes with boredom holding the ever present elephant. This year she danced and jumped and rolled and showed me some of her very best moves. Joy.

So forgive me if you will for posing a ton of photos. The dimple, the swinging plait, the utter delight at wearing a leotard with a skirt attached. I love it all.

grier 13.jpg


The show was actually a couple of nights ago. She was so delighted to be on the stage. She beamed, she danced, she sang every word.  She sneaked a feel of the stage curtain and declared it to be super soft.  She scanned the crowd looking for us and we waved like mad and although she couldn't pick us out I think she knew how much we were willing her on.  We were reunited after the show finished and she chatted all the way home clutching the pink rose tied with a pink ribbon I picked up for her earlier that day. 

8 years young

We celebrated Brodie over the weekend. He was so excited about his birthday. He had a party with friends which involved soft play and nerf guns and cake. He was a glorious ball of fun interspersed with quiet moments building new Lego and playing new games. He shared the day with his brother and sister in the most wonderful, generous big brotherly way.  He let me take photos in exchange for a game of Monopoly Deal  - bargain!

Every time the kids have a birthday it's hard not to lament the passing of time. To wish for just a bit longer at each stage. But it's also amazing to see how they change and grow. As they get older I'm bemused by how much of their personalities seems to have been present since they were tiny. The very Brodieness of Brodie was inside my teeny newborn. 

I still feel exactly the same about him now as I did then. I really don't want to mess it up. I try everyday to make sure he knows that he matters very much. I want to lead by example and show him how to tread lightly, to care deeply, to feel passionately and love with abandon. 

And the mix of adult and baby teeth on show in each smiley grin kills me. The too big teeth mixed with the too small teeth. The in between.