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It was back to nursery and work for the kids and i this week. back to reality, oops there goes gravity. as documented poor grier has been mostly poorly. as i write this at 9.42pm she sits next to me on the couch covering her pyjamas in stickers from my pencil case which say 'wonderful work!' which just about sums it up.

I'm weading

is this thing on?

park life

may all your sandcastles be heart shaped

my daddy is this big........

who's been sleeping in my bed?


school's not out for summer (for 9 weeks yet) not that I'm counting down, that would be churlish

if i could take it away I would. she's a bit better now.

Posted on April 24, 2014 .

Woe is me

 I really, truly feel sorry for my girl. She's been battling a high temperature, sore throat and general malaise. But you know who I feel really sorry for - ME!

Just kidding, sort of. Having a sick child is no joke. Oh the whining and the whinging and the needing to be within 5 cm of me for the last 72 hours. Sheesh, that ride is rough. I don't like to complain about this Mummy gig often, but sick children, they seperate the women from the girls.

Hence the reason that there's been no Eastery bloggery. Easter was aeons ago (in blog years) but still the photos lie unloved and unedited on my memory card .

But there is an upside to sick littles. They are possibly even more hilarious than usual when under the weather I find. Maybe it's the 100.4 degree fever or maybe it's the generous dousing in Calpol.

Mummy - my Daddy smells just like cheese

Runs to me, snot streaming, full blown, wracking sobs

I told you to hurry Mumeee - we missed our train!!!!!!!

I just this minute put Grier back into bed for the third time in the last 15 minutes and she said as I layer on the 3 covers she insists on sleeping with,

Mummy, don't worry, you don't need to wipe my nose. I'll just lick it.

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Easter Goodies

I sort of find Easter a weird one. At Christmas time it's much easier to tell and retell the Christmas Story and warble one about peace of earth, goodwill to all, that kind of thing. But the Easter story lends itself less well to bedtime stories plus the whole Easter Bunny thing just confuses things massively.

However I don't think we were going to get away with another year of just ignoring the whole thing. Plus any excuse for crafting right?

I've had this treat bag pinned for years and I'm so glad I got round to making some. I'm completely on board with this reusable wrapping thing and these were so easy to make.  I love felt. I feel like I may have mentioned that about 32432432 times on the blog, but it's so good to make with.

But what's in the bag? Well for the kids I made one for, including my most handsome nephew Robbie I just put some non edible little gifts I thought they would get a kick out of. A wee chocolate bunny may also have sneaked in....

For B and G I put some easter chick pegs in - random but fun - and I made theme some of these chocolate surprise eggs. I found a silicon egg mould in the poundshop which I filled with melted chocolate, leaving them somewhat hollow in the centre. Before I glued the halfs together with melted chocolate I popped in some haribo sweets to make them surprise eggs.

They are quite small - but thick and the kids already have a shelf groaning with eggs kindly gifted to them by friends and family.

I can see me making suprise eggs a yearly tradition and I'll make sure to reuse the bunny bags too. I bought some plastic fillable eggs which I filled with marshmallows which we will  (Greig will) hide tomorrow morning and I think we'll hand over the bunny booty when they've found all of the eggs.

Do you have any Easter traditions you'd like to tell me about? Or do you mostly just subscribe to the eating so much chocolate you feel a bit pukey camp?

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Type A Baking

This week has been the kind where I think how on earth do I manage to blog ever? How is it possible to fit it in with all the child wrangling, house stuff, and of course the knitting.

I've been trying to find a balance between letting the kids get a little bored and all out destruction. Don't you find boredom is the first step to them being completely absorbed in playing a new game or enjoying an old one? So I've been trying to have some down time at home waiting for kidspiration to strike and also see some friends and not go completely stir crazy. There is also a fine line between hanging out at home and developing cabin fever.

One of Brodie's favourite things to do is baking. Grier is cottoning on now as well but sometimes baking with 2 little people is a battleground.

I will stir it

No I will stir it

NO I WILL STIR IT - as wooden spoon flies across kitchen spraying flour and raw egg.

You get the picture.

One thing that did work well though was making chocolate nests. Granny furnished us with 'Wheetabricks' and chocolate and those dangerously addicitive little chocolate eggs - don't tell me you don't know what I mean. They enjoyed all the mushing and arranging of tiny eggs. Grier of course hasn't actually eaten any of these cakes she just eats off the eggs and hands me back the slavery chocolate nest with a smile.

Brodie wanted to make Easter biscuits, so biscuit we did. I fully embrace letting the kids loose when baking. I don't hover over them, I let them do it solo and worry about the mess later. We took it in turns to weigh out the ingredients with minimal sibling violence. Then I split the dough into three parts - this is how I am able to let them go at it and not feel the need to intervene and correct them. I save myself for dough for later so I can bake in peace and let the Type A personality I inherited shine through.

And later when Brodie was watching a DVD - (what it's the HOLIDAYS!) and Grier was napping - lucky duck. I uniformly rolled out my dough. I used only the Easter egg cutter - no Easter angels or platypus cookies for me. I watched them in the oven so they were just browning around the edges when I whipped them out. Later I made royal icing - in pink and yellow - and iced those bad boys.

To be fair my piping technique is still rubbish but it was fun. And seeing all my eggs lined up on the worktop made me so happy. And the kids still got to smother their attempts with 40 colours of sprinkles with Grier managing to eat a considerable amount of raw cookie dough.

Of course I can't actually eat any of them but I'm quickly realising that doesn't matter as much as I thought it did. Making it pretty, mastering techniques that's what baking is for me. Which is weird.

Edward Sprinklehands

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This Life

my favourite moment this week was Grier telling me she needed a moments peace to find her magnifying glass. that girl.

greig is nominated for a Scottish Press Award. he asked me to take a photo as they need one from all the nominees. i even photoshopped out the nail hole which was visible to the left of his head after we took a picture down to get a blank wall to shoot on. that's love people. and i wouldn't be ashamed to ask you to vote for him but that would be pointless because 'apparently it doesn't work like that'. fair enough. but handsome.

mercifully uncle douglas is always up for a game of angry birds star wars.

i need more weetabricks mum

not the actual wilderness, just our garden

we furnish nana and grandad with tea and cakes and they read, play, build and cuddle.

grier is mightily enamoured with my egg tree

someone sent me the most beautiful flowers

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