MillaMia Debut

My Debut, not MillaMia's. MillaMia believe you can 'combine a love of knitting with a love of modern contemporary design and quality'. And when I read that I thought, me too! That's me. I'm modern and I love knitting. Modernish anyway.I came across a book of their patterns shopping in John Lewis over Christmas and I had to have it. I really love vintagey knits on babies but I'd been looking for something for Brodie which was a bit different. And when I found these Scandicool patterns it was love at first sight. alexander 1

I took me a while to decide on which pattern to knit first but I decided on the 'Alexander' jacket. The MillaMia yarn itself is a dream. I think it must be spun by unicorns from the silky tufts of Truffula trees. Just kidding it's 100% extra fine Merino wool. It is indeed supersoft and is really satisfying to knit with. It also makes the finished garment look dreamy. But as you can imagine it comes at a price. A fairly high price, but my first-born is worth it and really if it takes me a month to knit something why would I use cheap wool? In for a penny, in for a pound I say. So I added balls of the 'claret' and 'snow' to my basket and awaited the delivery of my lovely wool. I ordered from here taking advantage of a first customer 10% off deal with free delivery and the yarn arrived quickly and sweetly wrapped in a chiffon bag - I would definitely order from them again. The pattern was ridiculously easy to follow, I didn't go wrong once so it must be. There were none of the ambiguous instructions which normally trip me up so that's good. I actually had a ball of claret left so I'm not sure what's going on there? But I'm planning to knit a hat to match. When the jacket itself was finished I actually considered not knitting up the patches and button tabs as I was ready to move onto something new but I realised that was a bit silly. I'd chosen the pattern because it had these details to set it apart so I gave myself a talking too and got on with knitting lots of (tedious) little rectangles and sewing them all on.

And I have to say, it is my favourite thing I've knitted, like, ever. It's so soft and I think it looks brilliant on. It helps that Brodie thinks it's the bees knees. Alexander 6

Alexander 5

Alexander 4

Alexander 3

Alexander 2

And then (really I wish I could insert dramatic music here) disaster struck. I washed the jacket for the first time and the patches came out pink. Really, really pink. The dye from the claret yarn had bled into the light patches. I immediately hid it from Brodie because can you imagine how happy he would have been to have a jacket with pink patches, deliriously, that's how happy. I tried to strip the dye from the patches with no luck. The only solution was to knit some more (tedious) patches which I did. I had to alter the size of them though as I didn't have enough leftover yarn to repeat them exactly as they were. And then I sewed them in place. And then Brodie wore his jacket again. And then I was too afraid to wash it. But a garment for a child that can't be washed? Not ideal. So I gave it another go. This time I handwashed for about 30 seconds - seriously, I dipped it in and out, then a gentle spin in the machine and it looks good. No pink and a quick wash is fine for something worn but not soiled I guess.

So, I really, really love the yarn. The pattern was great. But if you pay this much for yarn shouldn't you expect to be able to wash and wear it? I chose the same colour combination as shown in the pattern pictures so I'm assuming MillaMia encourage you to use these colours together. I followed the washing instructions on the ball band.

So in summing up. Full marks for luxury feel and no points for practicality. I would use the yarn again but wouldn't mix light and dark colours again.

But look what I found. The same jacket in Daddy sizes! Ridiculously excited.