Oh yes he is - 11 months!

I thought as it's panto season I'd go with that.

At eleven months Baxter is a delight. He has mastered pointing. It might be the cutest thing ever. Especially when pointing is matched with a cock of the head and a 'dat?'

He slays me with 'dat'. He makes so many different noises and babbles and squawks all day long. He can climb the stairs with ease now. He will pull up on anything and has started to let go for a few seconds before landing on his bum.

If a sibling is cuddled on my knee he will make his way over and push them off as best he can to make sure he can perch up beside me and cuddle in. He could play peekaboo for a hundred hours I'm sure. His day really gets going when Brodie and Grier are home from school and he can follow them from room to room searching for mischief and mayhem.

As we rush headlong towards your first birthday Baxter I vow to revel in your babyhood for as long as I can whilst enjoying each and every new trick you master you clever little sausage. You are my little star of wonder and I couldn't love you more.

Baxter 1.jpg
Baxter 2.jpg

I'll draw him

I made this a few years ago. I used it to announce that I was expecting Baxter. I took it off the wall months ago when we redecorated our hallway after all the loft conversion fun was finished with. I rearranged our pictures, swapped some around and put this into the pile of - don't throw it away but no idea what to do with it yet - things. I hoped that at some time in the future I'd be able to update with a little figure to represent Baxter but it wasn't high priority (sorry Baby B).

It has sat in the craft/junk room since then. Until a few weeks ago when Grier found it. And she carefully undid the hooks at the back. And she drew Baxter in where he should be - she told me that I'm holding him because he can't stand up on his own yet. And then she presented me with it and told me to hang it back up.

And I think I stood there with my mouth open for about two minutes. I couldn't believe that she had taken the initiative to include her little brother. I couldn't believe that the injustice of him not being included had moved her to do it for herself.

Of course I hung it straight up. I liked it before but now I know I will keep it forever. And I'll probably tell her the story of how it came to be a million times because she is just amazing. She often shows her love by creating things for us but this might be the best one ever.

I am still amazed that being big siblings is (mostly) the best thing ever for Brodie and Grier. That they can't, don't, won't remember a time before Baxter.

3 is our magic number

I have always really wanted to have 3 children.

I am so lucky to have 3 beautiful, wonderful children. Each one of them is such an important part of our family. I cannot imagine how it would be if they weren't all 3 here, being them.

I almost didn't dare ask the universe for another baby after the first two were so spectacularly successful. But I'm so glad I did. I wondered if that was asking for too much, taking too much, risking too much.

Even though my third pregnancy, like the others was straightforward I think it caused me the most anxiety until he was here in my arms.

What I was never anxious about though was whether there was enough love to go around. I knew our hearts would stretch with love for our new baby. I knew Brodie and Grier would make room, budge up and hold out their arms for their baby sibling. And they did. I told you they were pretty fantastic.


Oh Baxter, you are missing piece. 

Most people's lives are not storybook perfect, ours is no different. But some dreams really do come true. 

Also watching a baby sleeping is the most peaceful pastime that ever was.

10 months

Those pesky teeth finally arrived last month, 4 teeth in 4 weeks and you have been sleeping so much better since they arrived Baxter. I only wish there weren't so many more to come through.....

We've noticed this month that your clogged tear duct has resolved itself which is what we were hoping would happen if we were patient. So thankful for that Baxter.

Your crawling is now lightening speed and you use absolutely anything you can find to pull yourself up. I'm wondering how the Christmas tree is going to fair this year. The stair gate continues to fascinate and frustrate you.

When we take you out of the bath so your brother or sister can get it in you are mad, mad, mad. You want to be in with the big kids.

Entertainment this month has included banging the toilet lid, eating soap, bashing up Lego, reading peekaboo books with glee, snuggling Billy Penguin and getting a lick of Daddy's chocolate covered pudding spoon. Life is good.

baxter 1.jpg
baxter 4.jpg

Me and Mine October 2015

It's been a really long time since I joined in with #meandmine because not only does it require me to take a photograph of all of me and mine it requires me to post it on the right day. But occasionally the stars do align so here we go!

Lots of mums say they don't appear much in family albums and I'm no different so I'm sure I'll look back on these fondly because I'm actually in them!

October was a good month. We were all sick at various points but there was lots of great times too.