Les Bleus

All of these photographs were taken over the course of an evening.

The day in July 2018 when France won the World Cup.

We started out with a late afternoon trip to the beach. Still very warm but out of the intense midday sun. But soon the beach started to empty and we could hear the roars coming from the town as each goal went in.


We were drawn to Nice old town which was packed. People spilling out onto every street corner. Blue, white and red draped everywhere. Tricolour facepaint at every turn. The kids were equal parts fascinated and terrified of the merriment. And yet lots of the side streets were deserted. It was an odd mix as we slowly made our way in the direction of our apartment.


This beautiful church with doors flung open was empty. Although I'm sure there were a lot of French prayers made that day.


The streets erupted as the final goals went in. Supporters were in fountains and letting off blue, white and red smoke bombs. The cacophony of car horns sounded out around the city. It was fun to join in with the celebrations, the joy infectious. 

And Baxter learned two new, very useful phrases.

'Allez les Bleus'


'Vive la France'

which both stood him in excellent stead with the locals.

Part Deux

The second part


We spent a couple of days at Villefranche Sur Mer. The beach was stunning and child friendly and we ate at a lovely restaurant. We stuck to eating at around our normal tea time which in France is probably a late lunch? But it worked for us and everyone was friendly and happy for our custom so bring on the mussels. And ice cream. Please.


We visited MarineLand in Antibes on Bastille Day. It was very quiet so we skipped the queues. 


We spent a lot of time wandering along the promenade and through the old town. Stopping often for a drink or ice cream kept the kids going. Exploring is our thing and I want the kids to have the urge to peek around corners and sniff out new sights. There's more to come!

It's Nice to be in Nice

So the summer holidays are coming to an end.........

So it seemed timely to get around to sorting out our Nice holiday photos and get them blogged.  You know, before Christmas rolls around.

This year was our first trip outwith the UK. Going on an actual flight and everything.

The travelling was fine. The kids were great. The adults behaved well (could probably do better). I packed way too many clothes for everyone. 

And being in France was amazing. The kids were like sponges soaking it all in. They noticed all the cool things I hoped they might and all the random things kids delight in. They rode the tram and traipsed around the supermarket with us. They spent hours with snorkels in the sea. They turned a caramel colour. They ate pain au chocolat on the balcony. I enjoyed it all so much.


I took a lot of photographs. So the story of Nice 2018 is quite likely to be a several part affair. Soz and frites.

This Life

First week of the summer holidays. 

And what a week. Frankly remarkable freak sunny weather has encourage us to be outside all day every day. We have met up with friends, day tripped and paddling pooled hard this week. 

There were also chores to be taken care of and jobs to do. But we did it together.

I've also spent a decent amount of time inspecting my flowers and veggies and marveling as each strawberry ripens in front of my eyes. Crazy Plant Lady level - expert.

More of the same please and thank you.



I don't really read blogs anymore.  Occasionally I might follow a link I see on Instagram but not often. Do you read blogs anymore, or have they had their day?

When I started blogging (7 years ago!) it was to document my our days.  As a way to keep our memories safe, to record all the little things which signposted our lives. 

But now I feel torn. Brodie is 9 now and in a few years will no doubt be taking his own part in social media.  Is it right for me to keep including him here?  Should I ask his permission?  

I suppose this is why in part, posts are few and far between these days.  I've used the kids as my writing material for so long I'm not sure if I have anything else to say.  Or have the confidence to say it.  I still have lots of photos to share though.  And a preschooler who is far to busy with dough to pay attention to me.  As an aside if you know little children Djeco dough is the best ever.  We usually pick it up in Waterstones.