Fancy Dinner

Last year Greig and I were given a voucher to have dinner at Prestonfield for our anniversary by Morag and David. It has taken us nearly a year to actually organise going but last night we finally did and it was well worth waiting for. We have been once before but this time was no less of an experience. The hotel is just so beautiful it's like walking onto a period film set. And if that doesn't sound like your kind of thing, trust me it's amazing. And that's before you even get to the food. Between us we had goats cheese, duck, black bream, sweetbreads and balsamic foam with sweet potato crisps. So, so, good. If you have a special occasion to celebrate (like a tuesday, perhaps?) I would whole heartedly recommend you check it out. Thanks M and D! Brodie was helping with the gardening today........mostly he was adding water to buckets of muck and pouring it around. He was having far too much fun for us to interupt but we had to insist on a front door stripping before lunch.

Plans are underway for Brodie's birthday. Greig is picking up the duplo farm tomorrow, I hunted down two books we wanted to buy him and the stockpile of pink balloons is looking good. We have a busy week coming up!