First Craft Fair

So with this weekend being so busy I haven't had a chance to write about my first ever craft fair! On saturday I took up my first stall at the Morningside Makers Market with my handmade goodies. I am so thankful for Greig, Vikki and Kerry and Morag for helping me set it up, keeping me company and making purchases:) I met a lot of really nice people especially Bella Bheag who makes handmade cards and was on the stall next to mine. I actually first saw her cards last september and really liked them, also she spoke to Brodie which he loved and it stuck in my mind how friendly she seemed. I was therefore delighted when I realised she was next to me and she really was very kind and encouraging of my crafts. Which brings me to the fact that I didn't really sell much at all. It started so well with a man buying a handful of cards as soon as the doors opened, and I sold a set of bunting to another stall holder which was great. Other than that (not counting friends and family purchases !!), I didn't move much else. Lots of people stopped by to look but not buy. I did cover the cost of hiring the stall and the printing of my cards but not the cost of the materials I bought. To be fair though I still have all the items I made, they just don't seem to be very saleable. A lot of people didn't know what the doorstops were so perhaps little signs describing my items might be effective? I'm still not sure I had the pricing right but I priced as low as I could to cover costs and to make a minimal profit which lets face it is what I'm trying to do. Perhaps the fair just wasn't the right place to sell?

I seem to have more questions than answers at the moment, but certainly while I was there I scribbled down lots of ideas for future fairs so at least some part of me wants to do it all again? I kind of want to have another crack at it so I can 'get it right'. That perfectionist streak runs deep.