things on thursday

So today I washed our bed sheets and just now my washing machine is holding them hostage. I can't get it to spin and instead of finding the instructions and working out what's wrong I'm writing this and cursing a washing machine. And for the last half an hour I've been trying to upload the photos off my camera so I can put one in this post but apparently the laptop and camera are giving each other the silent treatment and are refusing to work together. So no photos peeps.Does anyone else have this problem with machinery/technology? Do you have a deep seated belief that some days they just have it in for you and are out to make your life more complicated? My dad will be shaking his head as he reads this because he knows that machines are machines and don't have emotional issues, but I'm not sure. And also, the person who stole my husband's bike lights - you are a total loser. There, I feel much better now, thanks.