6 years

We have been married for six years, or 2191 days. Every time I go to a wedding I kind of relive our vows. I am reminded of the promises we made to each other and while I mostly feel that we're doing pretty well, I always think could I be doing more? Could I do more to make Greig feel appreciated? Do I do everything I can to show him how much he means to me?Because even though it's so easy to be married to Greig, I am always aware of how precious love is. Even though I live my life with the confidence that such a relationship gives, I somehow feel it's as delicate as a snowflake. I never want to waver from this path we are on together because somehow I forgot how lucky we are. So even on manic toddler-centric days when I catch sight of a wedding photo hanging in our hallway I give a little silent high 5 to my bridal self for finding a good 'un and for trying everyday to invest in our future, the next 6, 12, 50 years together.