At last

So Greig finally got my camera to speak to Picasa again so I thought you would probably appreciate some Brodie photos.

For his first birthday we bought Brodie a ball tent. For about a year he failed to see it's many attractions. For his second birthday his Granny and Granda bought him pop up goals, which he promptly declared to be a tent and lay down inside. A ha, we thought, he does like tents. So we dug this one out of the garage. It's an awsome place to drag all of your duplo into, to read in, to snack in or just to watch the world go by. Enjoy little man.

The boy has also been drawing at his table lots, although my budding artist doesn't enjoy putting the crayons away quite so much.

Jade and Tony bought Brodie a frog face cloth which you put in the bath and it magically grows. He was pretty fascinated by it and he washed his face willingly at least once!