I've been very unmotivated lately when it comes to pretty much anything. I really struggled in the fog of morning sickness to get stuff ready for the craft fair I did at the beginning of March. Since I put my sewing machine away then I've been really reluctant to get it out despite a huge list of projects I had been previously really excited about tackling. Something about growing a human has really taken it out of me this time.We (I) really need to get the spare room sorted out and all my material and sewing supplies put away either in the loft or my craft room so we can think about getting it prepared for 'two'. Brodie has named (after much thought) the new baby 'two' and it seems to have stuck. Poor thing. I have however been making cards here and there

One I made for a young lady friend of Morag's. And these

To introduce Two to the grandparents with his/her first ever photo.

I really want to get some scrapbooking done in the next few months, as I have so many Brodie photos to document. So I'm hoping to get some done every thursday if I can. Once a week just throw open the craft room door, sit down and do as much as I can. Luckily I'm a quick (and messy!) scrapbooker so this plan just might work. I will share with you what I manage to get done and you can keep me to task:)