This post is so last week....

So I'm a bit behind the times with the blog. We've been on holiday and having internet issues which I know are terrible excuses but there you go!I thought I would catch you up on our royal wedding festivities first - I'm still celebrating anyway:) We went down to Greig's Mum and Dad's house to watch the minor celebrities and royals arriving and Brodie indulged in some flag waving. He started with one and quickly decided two was more fun. Very funny to watch,

Then Brodie, Greig and David headed to the soft play while we settled down for the main event. Loved it all. You know I used to have hair just like Catherine (yeah right, in my dreams:) Then we celebrated with tea, sausage rolls and tart. Yum..

I will update soon with our day trip to Loch Leven, holiday in Girvan my good friends wedding!