So this year I had a couple of things I wanted to do. Learn to knit, which I'm making progress with and grow vegetables. The long-term planning involved in growing veg seemed a bit boring to be honest but as long as I managed to grow something I could eat I knew I would be happy.I've managed to produce spring onions, lettuce, potatoes and there are teeny, tiny tomatoes in my greenhouse ripening. But what I'm most proud of are these beauties

I wasn't even going to attempt carrots after reading that they were tricky to grow but Great Granda passed along seeds to me so I figured it was worth a try. And after a few weeks there were little seedlings. I weeded fairly diligently, and they grew bigger and bigger and bigger. They look like Peter Rabbit carrots with abundant green leaves on top. And pulling them up is like Christmas. To be fair some are misshapen and sometimes there is little to see under the magnificent green tops. But I grew them, and we can eat them. And perhaps we might even be able to convince Brodie to try some. By the way Great Granda has deemed them delicious....... And I read this week that as long as your toddler eats lots of fruit they get almost every nutrient they would get from vegetables. So behold the fruit monster.