Day 14You spent the day with Granny and I spent most of the day sleeping as I felt pretty bad. Granny said you were very good, didn't seem too unwell and enjoyed taking Great Granda for a haircut. When you came home you were in a great mood and enjoyed eating the cupcake Auntie Vikki had left for you, even licking some wayward icing off your sleeve! You are having trouble sleeping tonight, Daddy and I are hoping it's a one-off................

Day 13 We both woke up unwell today little man, you with a cold and me with a sore throat. I have to say you were much braver than me and only cried a little when you woke up from your sleep. You hung out with Daddy pretty much all day and snuggled with me before bed watching a Thomas DVD.

Day 12 We went shopping for a mobile for the baby today and you were determined to choose the one with the best music and carried the box with me back to the car. Daddy took us to the cafe and then we stopped to buy you some new drinking bottles. I'm not sure how 'real' the baby is for you yet but we are hopeful you will take the change in your stride as you usually do.

Day 11 Today was time for another Ball Kids class which you again really enjoyed. You spent the afternoon with Granny and when you came home we had toast for supper on the couch. Daddy was out for the evening so we played some puzzles and read books.

Day 10 Today we took a trip to the shops Brodie and bought a book for you to give the baby and one for you too. You picked a penguin bath book for the baby and a Fireman Sam magnet book for you. We had a great time in the bookshop and spent ages picking just the right thing. When we came home we played with this, your 'dough truck'. You really enjoy making vehicles from the dough and I am fascinated by the depth and breadth of your imagination, even at 2.