First Week

Grier has been with us for a week now and it's been wonderful. She is such a good baby, I remember when people asked me if Brodie was 'good'. Of course he is I thought, he's mine and he's amazing. And of course he was, it's just Grier so far seems calmer and of course Greig and I have a better idea of what to do to keep her happy this time round. She's feeding so well, only lost a little weight and gives us a couple of good stretches of sleep at night which is much appreciated.Grier and Brodie have had lots of visitors who come bearing gifts for both which is lovely. I'm very grateful for our friends and family going out of their way to make Brodie feel so special and important, which I'm sure is helping the big brother transition enormously. So, on to the photos of our first week as a family of four This is a Congratulations Crocodile. Which is what your Uncle Douglas brings you when you get a new baby sister. Sweet. I know all babies do windy smiles (wiles?) but my girl's are the best.