2 Littles

I think the little people in our house are in a conspiracy. I think they are lulling me into a fall sense of security. They want me to think that this having 2 kids thing is a cinch. I'm good with that though, we are enjoying every minute.Grier is becoming (slightly) more wakeful! We get to see these beautiful eyes more and more. On Sunday we went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens. Grier was snuggled up in a sling and Brodie really enjoyed exploring the trees and sculptures. We got a great view of a squirrel as well which he was delighted with. Afterwards we met Vikki and Kerry for some lunch at the Cuckoo Bakery. You should try it out if you are in Edinburgh. The boy can heartily recommend the carrot cupcakes. After all that excitement it was time for PJ's and watching Thomas on the couch.