Paternity leave is over!

So this was our last week in the 'baby bubble', and what a lovely week it was. The past three weeks have been a lovely start to being a family of 4. Greig has been able to spend lots and lots of time with Grier and Brodie and I have been able to take it easy when I've felt tired or sore. Back to reality tomorrow though but I'm feeling happy and relaxed and I know we can handle whatever happens! I guess it helps to remember womankind have managed to care for a newborn and a toddler together since the beginning of time:) And I'm not alone, there are lots of people who are happy to be called upon in times of crisis - poo related or otherwise. Auntie Isla visited this week and Brodie had great fun with her and Grier got lots of cuddles. And in honour of the last day of Greig's holidays, I made these red velvet cupcakes. The cakes are a bit dry but the icing is to die for. They got the Brodie seal of approval so I am happy.