Toddler Labour

Don't tell me you don't all employ your toddler to dust and hoover. How else do you think I keep my house show home ready at all times;)

Grier was visited by the health visitor yesterday, and weighed in at 9lb 15oz. So she's gained not far off a pound a week which I am the first to admit is a pretty healthy gain. I was kind of dismayed however at the health visitors gentle suggestion that she might be being overfed. I'm not sure how you can possibly overfeed a breastfed baby, any ideas? Anyway she reassured me that when Grier has her six week check they will check she is in 'proportion', which basically means a baby BMI check to check the ratio of her weight to length. As a second time mother I'm not about to let a health professional's charts upset me as I know my baby is happy, healthy, feeding well, settled, sleeping well and generally pretty amazing. Had this been my first baby however I'm pretty sure I would have been second guessing yet another aspect of my mothering skills and possibly even questioning our decision to breastfeed. I find this a pretty sad indictment of the UK's support for breastfeeding mothers. You can't do it right, even when you're doing it right? It seems to me that our health service professionals all cite 'breast is best' but the reality is there is little chance of our dismal breast-feeding rates improving until education and support for pregnant women and new mothers is completely overhauled. Ok, I can get off my soap box for now but this a subject which gets me really riled up.