The last week or so we've notice Brodie has been a bit unsettled. Entirely to be expected of course, his world has literally been turned upside down over the past few weeks. Greig and I realised things have been up and down for us all so we thought we would try to spend some special time with Brodie alone.Baby was packed off to Granny and Granda with a bottle of expressed milk and things were going great until I mentioned that we were going to a forest. The great forest of Beecraigs to be exact. The boy was unsure of this plan, up until that point his experience of forests have tended to include bears. Big, scary bears. After the forest though we got to the park which has a giant sandpit. All is good once more, digging, dumping and scooping ensued. Brodie then asked why we hadn't taken Grier with us because she has never been to the park and he wanted to show her this one. He fills my heart with unbridled joy that boy. We think he's doing better this week with just a few sad moments and fewer meltdowns. We are all still adjusting.