I miss shopping

I was thinking about things I miss since having children. I should probably preface this post with stating that I truly love having the littles, they are the best thing in the world. However, there are some things which were definitely easier to orchestrate before they were here, and some things which are just not possible now. I don't miss nights out and I don't miss seeing films in the cinema. We can still go for coffee and cakes, in fact Brodie positively insists on us doing this, it's just that now it's not a lingering occasion to talk about anything and everything. More often it involves sharing your drink/cake/lap with a toddler. I do however miss shopping. Not really the buying - that can still be done online or in a pinch with children in tow. No, what I reminisce about is browsing and window shopping. Going into shops just to look, just to soak it all up.If I have some child free time now, it seems ridiculously indulgent to spend it 'browsing' when there are probably practical things I need to buy or sticky surfaces that could be wiped, or clothes which need washed. So shopping is something I will do again when I'm no longer needed for milk, playing towers, making lunch or cuddles. Suddenly it seems I have far more important things to do:) This is what happened after our last 'shopping' trip:) Naps all round