Wedding Day

Yesterday we packed up, headed to Cringletie House near Peebles, got all dressed up and celebrated as our very good friends had a Civil Partnership ceremony. Or a wedding, because Civil Partnership doesn't really trip off the tongue. And what a wedding it was.I've known Vikki for nearly twenty years, and Greig even longer. She has been my (our) closest friend for fifteen years and has been there for every major and minor event of my adult life. I can't imagine what I'd do without her. And now she's found Kerry. Is there anything better than knowing your best friend has found a wonderful partner? These two really are made for each other, no question.

This is Brodie having a chat with the registrar before the ceremony. Vikki and Kerry asked if he would like to hand over the rings. A job he did with lightning speed and efficiency.

He was excellent during the ceremony, and even though he chattered throughout Kerry and Vikki said they were grateful for him breaking the tension with his running commentary! Greig took him out after his big moment and they watched the rest through the window. I had seen their dresses and jewellery before the day but I was completely staggered by how beautiful they both looked. They just beamed with happiness. The wedding meal was in the old part of the house. One of the benefits of being a craft geek is getting to make some of the little personal details for your friend's weddings. The favours were marshmallows which Vikki and of course Brodie feel very passionately about. The centerpieces were made by Vikki and turned out so well. Thistles and roses have lots of meaning for them. All the stationery was made with recycled materials as Vikki is an ecowarrior:) After dinner, through which Grier slept (good girl!) Kerry made her speech which was short and very sweet. Despite promising to take lots of family photos there wasn't a chance until after dinner when Brodie had already had to be changed and the make up I had managed to hastily apply in the morning had melted away. No matter, we got them eventually! This is one of the early attempts, note blurry Brodie We have a series of these photos. Is it wrong that I chose this one, in which I look the best and Brodie is making an escape?

The one thing that did convince Brodie to let us take his picture was the inclusion of this rather bizarre cat. Whatever works! The evening was filled with conversation, dancing and coffee served with these amazing cupcakes. I made toppers with their initials on one side, and 'better together' on the other. Song lyrics and music featured a lot. Brodie was ready for bed, but had a minute to have a dance with his aunties and pose for a photo

The morning after

This is a wedding and a weekend we will not forget. Being there with two children was a little like an endurance test but we all enjoyed it so much. We are so happy for you K and V, thank you for including us in your day.