Autumn Spice

I think autumn might be my favourite season. I like crisp weather, Brodie's fascination with the changing leaves, the cozy evenings inside. Well actually with two small children every evening is spent inside, but when it's cold and dark outside it feels legitimate to be cosied up with a warm drink and a good book. Red cups. I like wrapping up to go outside with Brodie and Grier and then peeling off the layers back in the warmth and rubbing my nose against tiny little cold noses. I like making lists of craft projects I'll probably never complete and looking forward to the December festivities. Greig is not a fan of using the word 'Christmas' before Santa's sleigh is setting off so I try to comply:)And I feel inspired to bake things laced with cinnamon, mostly so the house smells good, but some of it actually tastes good. Like these pumpkin muffins. Spiced apple cake was good too, but not sweet enough for my sweet tooth and not spiced enough despite me doubling up the quantities. Are you loving autumn?