Two Months

Grier is two months old today. How on earth did we get from this

to this

in two short months? You are still very relaxed Grier, and only cry when you are hungry or tired. You are starting to make a lot of noise just like Brodie did and while Brodie saved all his best smiles for Daddy, yours are all for Brodie. You smile and giggle when you hear him which makes my heart bubble every time. You are happiest on the floor where you can kick your legs and watch and hear Brodie. You don't mind being on your tummy for short times and are starting to try to bat things with your hands. You are still sleeping and feeding amazingly well and like a splash in the bath. You are definitely longer than Brodie was and seem to be getting bigger every minute. You still look so like Brodie although Granny showed us some pictures of Auntie Isla as a baby and I would struggle to tell you apart in a test:)

On Saturday night we went to see the firework display at Hopetoun House. The fireworks were incredible, although it turns out you might have to actually have some talent in photography to get a good shot of fireworks..... No matter, I know you just want to see the littles wrapped up warm! Arty shot

Ice cream is the perfect snack for a freezing november evening

Brodie enjoyed the excitement of it all

Grier was snuggled in the sling but was awake for the fireworks and liked the pretty colours like Mummy.........

Thanks Nana and Grandad, we had fun with Auntie Jade, Uncle Tony and Robbie