Just Rude

Grier had her first immunisations yesterday. She was great, did the obligatory red-faced, silent baby scream before a blood curdling howl that makes you feel like you might be sick. She calmed down really quickly and Brodie was impressed with the stickers (plasters) she got to cover the injection site. We gave her calpol and she was sleepy but with no ill effects to report for the rest of the day.We made our way to the health centre in the usual fashion, baby in the pram, toddler walking holding my hand sticking to pavements and pedestrian crossings. Only when we got to the entrance a woman had parked her MASSIVE range rover in the middle of the pedestrian crossing. Like as in mounted the kerb right in the centre blocking off parking spaces and completely obscuring the crossing. So she could talk to someone standing on the pavement beside her. Luckily we were in no rush so we waited and waited and waited. And eventually she noticed us and then went back to her conversation. I know you're probably thinking why didn't you just go around her? Have you ever tried to bump a pram up a kerb between two closely parked cars while holding your toddlers hand? Not easy. And not necessary. So we waited. And once again she glanced in our direction, noticed we were still there, and with a pout and a sigh moved her massive car somewhat aggressively off the crossing. So we started to cross. Then I realised she had stopped a few metres up the road to shout out 'I've two kids as well you know'. I maintained a dignified silence. Well actually I didn't realise she was talking to me until people around me looked to me for a response. And I can never think of smart things to say in heat of the moment. What I should have said was Congratulations or They would be so proud or for the love of all that is good why then would you make my life more difficult? You suck. But I didn't say any of those things but I stand by them. The health centre is most frequently visited by the very young, very old and sick. While I hope this story has made you giggle, it makes me sad that people are so inconsiderate of others. Perhaps range rover woman was having a bad day. Does that make her behaviour ok? Not so much.

Anyway we brought Grier home, Brodie indulged in some well deserved yogurt covered raisins which he sooked all the yogurt off to show me the raisin inside. Nice. And we had some brother sister snuggles.