Bean Bag Boy

Back in the old days when Greig and I thought cream carpets were a good idea we bought a suede cube filled with beans to be used as extra seating. Slowly with the arrival or Brodie it morphed into a manky squashed bean bag which the boy became very attached to. He watched Thomas on it, ate snacks on it, generally watched the world go by on it.I've been meaning to make a new bean bag for a while and got some nice fabric in the sales. The boy requested pink but there was nothing of that ilk unfortunately. Making the inner and outer bags wasn't that complicated but I may have shot myself in the foot by getting Brodie to help me fill the inner with beans. He was really careful and had a great time doing it but we filled it to the top when we were actually only supposed to put 7 litres of beans in. Who knew? Well actually I would have if I'd read the instructions. The result was it took much longer than it really should have and meant a very late night scooping polystyrene beans back out again. Greig helped me though, because he's good like that (and had been listening to my exasperation for the last hour and a half). It was all worth it because the boy likes it and has parked himself on it frequently all morning. And when I get round to making Grier's I will faithfully measure out 7 litres, not a bean more or less

And this is Brodie's concentration face, which according to my good friend Vix, is the same as mine:)