Emma Dress

So I finally finished the sewing project which has been on the kitchen table for the last few weeks. I considered giving up several times but I'm glad I pushed through. The journey has been worth it even if the destination wasn't quite as I'd hoped.....A couple of weeks ago I saw that Jess from this blog was doing a sew along and I got excited about making a dress for Grier. I've followed a few tutorials from here and they've been great but this time I may have chewed off more than I could swallow. In all fairness I tried to 'make' my own pattern in order to make a dress which would fit Grier and as I've previously admitted I'm a bit pattern challenged. Ok, a lot. I also suspect I missed out a few crucial steps which experienced sewers might do without thinking. I need to think hard when I'm sewing, need to read and reread instructions and lots of photos help too. I've learned lots though and that's what's important. I suspect the bubs will have to wear leggings with the dress as I have totally misjudged the length. But is has yellow bits and that makes me happy. And it's for Grier so I hope that makes her happy. If you want to make an Emma Dress here is the linky