Inside voices people

When I got up today I knew we wouldn't be straying too far from home. Despite the four loads of washing I did yesterday the basket runneth over again. Our sheets needed changed, I'm shamefaced to admit I can't even remember the last time I did it, lets just say it's been a while. I have half heartedly started cleaning out cupboards and wardrobes so there are refugee belonings all over the place.I'm not one of those people who enjoys getting things in order. I don't get great joy from a sparkling floor. I don't have all my pants organised facing the same way. But even I can appreciate that things run more smoothly when there is actually room in cupboards to put things away and keeping up with housework makes it manageable day to day with so much going on at home. So we got on with our day. We breakfasted. We played. We put the baby down for a sleep. I told Brodie I was going to change the sheets and he said he would come too. I said great, but remember quiet voice when we are in the hall so we don't wake the baby. This is where the wheels start to come off. Brodie was quiet until we got to just outside Greir's room then he shouted that he was just going to get his tow truck. The baby is no longer sleeping. I understand Brodie is a young child. I get that his exuberance is normal and to be celebrated and that he doesn't deliberately wake the baby But it still sucks that Grier never gets a complete sleep cycle. That we have to stay cocooned inside one room with the doors closed when she is sleeping so we don't wake her. I say we but really I mean Brodie - and occasionally Greig. I have a low threshold for noise. I was the person who complained that clubs and pubs were too noisy before I was even old enough to be in them. Yes I am primary school teacher but that's different. At home I like things nice and calm and - quiet. I am constantly in battle with myself not to ask Brodie to be quieter. I think he should be 'allowed' to be noisy and shouty and screamy as most young children enjoy being. I just wish he had an alternative volume setting for times when that would be preferable. Like when one's baby sister is sleeping or when Mum's ears are bleeding. So now I still have stuff everywhere waiting to be put away, there is dirty washing, clean washing, half finished snacks, a full dishwasher and a headache. But both children are sleeping and that little lot will wait. We will keep trying with the indoor voice thing until it works, Grier no longer needs naps or I find the mute button.