It's on the inside

Today we are feeling very fortunate. Brodie had problems breathing on friday as was taken to hospital. We are not sure at this point whether he has developed asthma or this 'wheezy episode' as it is classed it is the result of an infection of some sort. He is certainly over the worst and at this point we don't know if this will be an ongoing problem, but are hoping for the best.We are so fortunate to have unlimited access to medical staff and medicine. We are fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends around who stepped into help us at a moments notice. We are fortunate to bring home from the hospital our wonderful boy (mostly) unscathed. Two things I will never forget. First, Brodie's disappointment on learning that ambulance trips are generally one way and his would not be returning him home again. And secondly a lovely South African doctor who asked if he could find Brodie's heart to listen to it with his stethoscope. After giving him a funny look, Brodie replied that he could of course try but was unlikely to find it as his heart is on the inside. So very Brodie. My heart however walks around in the guise of a little blonde boy and a beautiful baby girl. And that's the dichotomy of motherhood, being ferociously protective of your children yet at your most vulnerable with the potential to suffer heartbreak at every sharp corner.