Her Peeps

Grier loves us. We are her very favourites. That is me - the one with the milk, the little, noisy one with the trains and the big, cuddly one who sings to her when he thinks no-one else is listening. One of the most amazing things about babies, once they are past the newborn anyone will do as long as they feed/snuggle/change me pleasethankyouverymuch stage, are all about family. We get the best smiles and giggles and while there are others Grier recognises, we are her inner circle.People say that children will always want their mum and dad before anyone else. I'm not so sure. My childhood was at times difficult and uncomfortable and as an adult I recognise that there are situations where a parent can irrevocably damage the relationship with their children. I can't think of any situation where I would cease to love my children, although let's be honest no-one really wants to invest too much in thinking about that. I don't necessarily hold the assumption that my children will always want me around. When our children grow up and leave us (gulp) is it right that they should no longer need us in the same way? After all shouldn't they be out there growing their own families in whatever form they take? I think so. Of course at this point my only hope for middle age is that they will want to share their lives with me in whatever way they see fit. I don't regard involvement in their adulthood as payment for the years of bottom wiping and vegetable hiding. At the same time I'm hoping to raise the kind of people who are kind to everyone they come across. Even needy, middle aged, embarrassing women who claim to be your mother in public places. But for now, we are Grier's people. She puffy, pink heart loves us. And even Brodie will grudgingly admit he quite likes me on a good day and I'll take that gratefully.