Grier is a poor and neglected second child. She's worn a bib about 4 times and two of those were Christmas bibs worn to make Granny smile:)She's just not a sicky or drooly baby so why wash and dry something else if you don't need to? But we are approaching the six month starting solids milestone at pace so I wanted to sew some bibs for her with decent coverage. It hardly really counts as 'real sewing' as they are so easy but sometimes it's nice to do something satisfying which doesn't require much concentration. I used some scraps of material I've been saving (hoarding) and a hooded baby towel I picked up in Asda. I had real problems finding towelling and thought I could just use a towel. I took a while to find one that wasn't too bulky, wasn't scratchy and was definitely white and not off white. They were cheap as chips and I saved the white bias binding that was around them to be used on something else - bonus! These were in fact so simple to churn out I could easily get carried away.