Riverside Museum

For Brodie's birthday we took a trip to Glasgow to the Riverside Museum otherwise known as the museum of Transport and Travel. It turned out to be an inspired choice. The boy loved it. He was in his element as we spotted several huge cranes and a train before we even made it through the front door. It was a great outing for us all, I loved the historical street set ups, vintage clothes and prams and seeing Brodie light up from the inside. Greig liked his bacon roll:) and Grier snoozed her way around quite happily. The baby changing facilities are great and the museum is roomy and well laid out. Brodie has the pick of every cool vehicle and is now desperately excited to go on a subway train - something we have obviously never mentioned before. Did you know there are trains which can go underground? Did you? That teal and orange dress is beautiful and how cool is the striped/spotted baby dress? We would heartily recommend.