7 months

Ok, we are officially well into the second half of your first year Grier. This month has seen lots of new things. Lots of new foods. Big girl buggy. Bigger girl clothes even though your 3-6 month stuff still fits, a girl has to make the most of her wardrobe. You are very interested in Brodie's vehicles and spinning their wheels. Diggers and dumpers here we come. You are turning the page of the book when you want the next bit. Rolling more, shuffling and wiggling all over the place and even once getting on your elbows and knees which shocked you as much as it shocked me. Picking you up out of your cot when you wake up is the best. I breathe in as much of you as I can every day. You love to reach out for Brodie and he obliges you often. Brodie often asks when you will talk back to us and I too, cannot wait to hear what you have to say.