Grier was weighed last week by the health visitor, (16lbs 3oz for the interested parties) and has fallen off her growth curve a bit. The health visitor was not concerned and neither was I. In fact I smiled wryly at her non concern. Remember when they were concerned she was 'out of proportion' - which roughly translates as too chunky?She was unwell for a few weeks and it's normal for babies growth to start to slow after 6 months so her weight gain or lack of it was no surprise to me. Not to mention that 'growth' curves were created in the most part several decades ago and are based on the average growth of formula fed babies. So not really relevant at all. My beautiful bouncing doesn't belong on a curve, she is the curve. I, however am still resolutely stuck in the 'obese' category according to my BMI. It's not a nice word is it? It's a bit frightening. What is more so is that I've spent my entire adult life in the overweight or obese range apart from a small window immediately before I was married. I've completed 16 miles of training this week and am still feeding Grier at least 5 times a day. I'm committed to feeding her until at least her first birthday and how amazing that this body can run and nourish and do everything else it does every day. There is a part of me though that wants to fit into my pre pregnancy (that's the first time!) jeans today, right now. Not next week or month or year. I want the result of my training to be a thinner body today.