Beco Butterfly 2

We like what attachment parenting advocates like to call babywearing. Or what the rest of the world calls - what to do with your baby when you need to do something and can't/don't want to put them down. Sometimes that's going on a bike ride to the park with Brodie, sometimes that's getting a load in the washing machine or taking a walk in a crowded place where a buggy would be silly.We have a range of slings - starting with a long wrap and when I say long I mean it's a gargantuan piece of fabric which you tie around yourself and pop the baby in. It's comfy and good when babies are small but it's a pain to tie anywhere other than the comfort of your own home and several times I've ended up dragging the ends on mucky ground as I try to tie it. We have a Baby Bjorn synergy carrier which Greig likes and I've never worn for longer than about 2 minutes because I find it really uncomfortable. We have a couple of cheap pouches which again are good for tiny babies and I also have a ring sling which I bought on etsy when I was in labour with Grier which I used a lot when she was tiny and it was great. It's really easy to use when you get the hang of it, is comfortable and soft for both of us and you can adjust it really easily. That was great when Grier was tiny but now I just find that I'm constantly readjusting it and it was starting to become a hassle. I didn't want to give up on wearing her as it's really convenient so I started to look at new options. I read about the Ergo and Beco and they both get excellent reviews all over the web. I have to be honest though and admit I was drawn to the Beco because it's less, how can I put this? Ugly. But, could I really justify the expense? Would I use it? Would I like it? So I watched a couple on eBay for a few weeks and eventually took the plunge (getting a great deal). That was a couple of weeks ago and the verdict? I love it. Really, it's amazing. I didn't want to gush about it without trying it out properly, but I would recommend it to anyone. It's so comfortable. Grier has been so settled in it. It's machine washable and can be carried in a handbag or change bag easily. See the cute baby and happy Mum? When I read the eleventy billion reviews online lots of people spoke about babies chewing on the straps. They do have handy elastic bits to tidy them up but sure enough Grier was sooking away merrily within minutes. That's when I came across a tutorial for sucker pads. Good name huh? So these were made. I haven't had much luck washing minky fabric so I might end up making another set in a more machine washable friendly fabric eventually. They have a layer of towelling in the middle and handy ribbon loops to play with or hang toys from, see?

Also how can your husband take 42 photos without noticing you have the ribbon hanger things hanging out of your top?