Roll with it

When Brodie was tiny every time I had to put away clothes that were too small I ended up in floods of tears as I folded the impossibly small clothes into piles to keep or pass on. It physically hurt that my baby just.kept.getting.bigger. I wanted to crystallize every minute and keep it with me forever. I wanted to always be able to hold him with just one hand. I could never understand why people wanted their babies to move onto solid food, crawl, get a bigger car seat, leave home......One of the wonderful things about second (and consequent) babies is that this time you know with each passing stage there is another equally amazing one just around the corner. You can enjoy those tender newborn days safe in the knowledge that in a few short weeks you'll be treated to actual smiles. While for now we find Grier's shrieks hilarious, she is already babbling lots of different noises and I'm sure words are just around the corner. I still feel a little lump at the back of my throat when I put away a tiny babygro or dress but she's here, she's ours and I'm excited that the best is yet to come. So for now I just indulge myself in breathing in the baby smell from her soft, sweet neck and delight in the sweep of the long lashes which rest on her rounded cheeks as she drifts off.