I'm not a fan of Annabel Karmel really. I think she is indicative of all that is wrong with the massive 'baby food' industry which exists to prey on the insecurities of well-meaning parents who want only the best for their child. The endless rows of pureed food heat-treated in glass jars, stored for a long time. 'Baby' versions of adult foods which are either made very, very tiny and sold at vastly inflated prices or are exactly the same only repackaged and sold at vastly inflated prices. I have to admire AK's business acumen. She has made a lot of money selling books, 'sporks' and prepackaged food and I'm sure has provided soothing consolation to overtired, overstretched and desperate parents in the oft confusing and contradictory world of weaning.I just checked out her website. I'll admit I didn't stay long, first I checked the page on breastfeeding which talks the talk but there was a massive ad banner at the bottom proclaiming the benefits of a certain type of artificial feeding bottle and another side bar advertising a website which operates to sell formula and baby food direct to your door. I did read about Annabel's journey to infant feeding guru following the loss of her own child which is, of course desperately sad. What is the point of all this you ask? Well as I said I'm not a fan, but the woman's chicken nugget recipe seriously rocks. It's amazeballs. Brodie has (independently) declared these nuggets made at home are better than any from a restaurant or shop. Mum's nuggets are the best (don't tell him it's actually AK's recipe, I'll never live it down). I normally make a batch every month or so and freeze them so we can pull them out for a quick and easy tea. First the chicken is marinated in lemon, garlic and thyme. Coated in flour, egg and then a crumb made from rice crispies and parmesan. Grier loves them too and Brodie ate his in a flash and then had a cheese cracker because he still had a bit of room right here - points to lower left tummy. And then a plum. As you can see Brodie ate a teensy bit of his green beans - we are still in full force vegetable avoidance but he is always willing to handle them and try a bit so I think for now that is fine. It makes me happy when they are happy. So thanks Annabel, I don't think we'll ever be on the same page, but credit where it's due, your nuggets give me SuperMum status and maybe a little bit of your shiny, corporate wholesomeness will rub off on me eventually.