Until Brodie was about a year old the tv did not feature in the landscape of his world at all. The only thing which prompted any sort of reaction was 'The One Show' theme tune and ladies faces on QVC who were modelling earrings or make up whom he would chat animatedly to. When I was pregnant with Grier he liked Peppa Pig and In the Night Garden and I would let him watch them on demand while I was throwing up, I know too much information, but stay with me. Then gradually the list of programmes he liked to watch grew and grew. When Grier was born tv and dvds were invaluable. It gave us (me) breathing space to get the baby fed and when I was really, really tired it gave me a break.For months now though I've been aware that the box is on all the time. Brodie doesn't watch it all the time but it was the background to our lives and I knew it was insidiously eating into our day. Brodie would be happily playing away but would be distracted by something on tv wouldn't look up for another 20 mins as he got sucked in. So today the tv wasn't on while Greig, Brodie and Grier were eating breakfast and I was running. I did put it on for NumberJacks though. Brodie loves this programme and I don't think all tv is bad. Also I need to shower and eat - I am only human after all. But straight after I switched it off. I don't think Brodie even noticed. We played with trains and read books and did jigsaws. We do all those things anyway but normally with the tv in the background. It's only a small change to our lives but I like how it feels. We are a tv watching house, last night Greig and I watched the first in the new season of 'The Killing' (US version) and most nights we watch at least one episode of a show. I hope Brodie will still enjoy watching his favourite programmes but I would like to make sure that the time the children spend tuned in is kept to a minimum. And the sun is shining today which makes me hopeful that we can play outside more.