Morag gave me a nightie of hers with the tags still on with the suggestion that I cut it up and make something. So I did.I wish I had taken a 'before' picture - I'm a terrible blogger. It was a longish ladies nightie with spaghetti straps if that helps you imagine the 'before'. And now it's this dress. Ta da.

I used this tutorial which I have to say was great. I haven't had much success making my own patterns before but due to the nature of this gathered peasanty style number this worked out well. Where I did run into problems was with the whole shirring thing. I didn't think I was ever going to shir well (what? 'shir' is totally a verb). What I should have done is read this very helpful tutorial on the matter. I think my main problem was my tension was set too high on the machine and I wound the elastic thread too tightly around the bobbin. I'm not exaggerating when I say it took me longer to sew three lines of shirring than the entire rest of the project. My seam ripper saw a lot of action. I attempted to make a pair of pants as well but I knew they were not going to be big enough to cover a cloth nappy and I ran out of material. Next time. I had tons of scraps though so I made a headband using this, without the bow. Of course it was too small so will need to adjust - I momentarily forgot I produce babies with massive heads....... Would it be really tragic to make a headband for me using the rest?

Right, what's next?