8 months

With each passing month your personality is further revealed. You are such a wee ray of sunshine most of the time, quick to smile and slow to cry. This month you have mostly been taking socks off. You like to take your own off and chew them although you will pinch the socks from any feet which come close to you, much to Brodie's amusement. You have taken a few impressive forward roll tumbles when you overreach, perhaps a precursor to moving on your own? You still love standing and look around proudly to take in the adoring gazes of your audience. Oh okay then, usually just me but still I clap and cheer. You love to eat. You pass your food from hand to hand and can pick up smaller and smaller morsels. Several times Daddy or I have gone into get you after a nap and found you upside down in the cot with a big grin on your face (note to Daddy - lower the cot mattress!) You have started to dump all the puzzle pieces out when we do one and you grab for the pieces of Brodie's when he is doing them. You are the best.