What do you think about?

Someone asked me what I think about on long runs. The answer is everything and nothing. In the interest of explaining this further here is a rough breakdown of what I thought about during last Saturday's ten miles. 0.1 miles - Why does my left knee feel like it is clicking? 0.3 miles - Oh no, I forgot to lay out clothes for Brodie and Grier, what on earth will they be wearing when I get home? 0.5 miles - I wonder what Cathy Cambridge will be wearing on the Queen's boat. 1 mile - Oh look, a new tea shop is opening up. How nice. 1.1 miles - It's very quiet this morning, I haven't passed a single runner/walker yet. 1.2 miles - probably shouldn't wear these particular pants again while running. Not comfy. 1.5 miles - Check iPod. Only 1.5 miles gone, really? 2 miles - That looks like a really long hill. I've run up this before but it didn't seem as long last time. 2.1 miles - I'm too hot. 2.2 miles - Oh I should probably have a drink from my water bottle. 2.3 miles - Union Jacks! Hurrah for the jubilee. 2.5 miles - Finally at the top of this hill, downhill for a while now. 3 miles - Wow, that lorry was really close. 3.1 miles - I wonder if I dropped and rolled right now would anyone stop to help me? 3.11 miles - I wonder if I dropped and rolled would that ambulance stop to help me? 4 miles - My middle toe on my left foot is numb. I wonder if that's a problem? 4.2 miles - I'm too hot. 4.5 miles - Uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill. 5 miles - Halfway there. Take that iPod lady, you can start counting down now.... 5.1 miles - see iPod lady - you just said 4.9 miles to go. 5.2 miles - I'm running faster than I normally do after 5 miles. Is that good? Between 5.3 and 8 miles - absolutely nothing, just breathing in and out, one foot in front of the other. 8.1 miles - Yay, only 2 miles to go, a wee bit tired now. 8.5 miles - I hope I've calculated this correctly and don't actually still have 5 miles til home. 8.9 miles - Nearly last mile, nearly last mile, nearly last mile. 9 miles - Last mile! 9.1 miles - I can see my house! (almost) 9.2 miles - All toes on left foot are numb. 9.3 miles - Please let the traffic lights be at the green man so I don't have to stop. My wobbly jelly legs might not start again. 9.5 miles - Last swig of water from water bottle. Now fight overwhelming urge to throw away bottle with each stride until...... 10 miles! Finished!!!!!! High five iPod lady. High five self. Try to act cool as walk last couple of hundred yards home. Jelly legs, wobble wobble.

See? Everything and nothing. I'm sure there are people who ponder great philosophical questions when running. I'm not that smart.