9 months

When I started to write this, I wrote 10 months in the title box. Then I had a wee panic and realised you are only 9 months old baby girl. Thank goodness, I'm not ready for double digits yet, give me another month and we'll see. 9 months seems to suit you Grier. You are wriggling all over the place, are standing up holding onto anything you can and seem frankly disgusted that we insist on holding you up lest you take a nose dive and hurt yourself. You have not quite mastered independent movement yet but the pursuit of it happily fills your days. Daddy and I marvel each morning as you carefully pick up individual blueberries or grapes and pop them into your mouth like it's no big deal. We resist the urge to cheer when you pass spaghetti from hand to hand before tasting it. You and your brother keep yourselves amused at the dinner table by seeing who can stand up in their chair for the longest time while Mum has heart palpitations (don't worry restraints are in use). You also love to blow raspberries while eating yoghurt with the express intention of making Brodie laugh. When you are out of the bath and dried and dressed you stand on the step looking in and watching Brodie play and he peekaboos the giggles out of you. probably too many photos, but what can you do?