Out foxed

We out foxed the rain this morning with a trip to the farm. As usual we gave a cursory glance to the animals and headed to play. The ball pit, the sandpit, the train - it's all good in Brodie's book. Grier was most accommodating and mostly enjoyed taking her socks off - well if it ain't broke......

Brodie plays with such intensity - it's a pleasure to watch. He really works hard at wringing the pleasure (and learning) out of each and every moment. He is so sociable and will talk to other children who are playing too. I used to shrink back when I heard him chatting to other wee ones. I'm not at all comfortable making casual conversation, I find it pretty painful truth be told, but at the moment Brodie just reaches out to others around him and I love it. I hope he stays that open and unassuming as long as possible.

We might have avoided the rain but there were about a billion other people at the farm and let's be honest it's prime people watching ground. I try not to be a judgy mcjudgerson when it comes to other parents - I like to assume everyone is doing the best for their kids and families. And who knows what tactics I might resort to in desperation? And goodness knows those kind of situations only arise when you have a wide and varied audience. I would suggest however that giving your child a sachet of calpol to suck because they are not feeling well is perhaps not the best plan of attack. Perhaps take the sick child home to get over whatever hideous bug they have and not pass it on to the rest of us?

To sum up. We had fun. These children are the best company ever. Brodie loves the farm.