So Grier and I have been trying to perfect the Beco Butterfly 2 back carry for a few weeks. The straps have to be a bit tighter I think and I find it hard to adjust them when she's on and taking her on and off a few times makes for a cranky baby and a cranky Mum. There are lots of videos online to help and I found this helpful . It looks a bit precarious getting the baby from front to back but I'm confident doing it now and even did it today in the library. We've got it down now and I think she likes it. It certainly means I can carry stuff more easily and bend up and down to help Brodie without squishing Grier. It felt a bit strange at first but she seems happy.I haven't achieved much else this week - Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy is to blame for that, but I have worked this out!

And that is smooshed food on my elbow. I don't think I ever leave the house these days without wearing a bit of someone else's lunch.