11 months

Wow Grier, this month has been full of wonderful things. You have learned to clap and wave and delight in doing both. You have learned to shake your head for 'no', and do it when you are touching something you should not be and also when you are not happy about something. You sign 'more' and 'all done'. You make so many different noises and shrieks and whoops. You have gone from belly crawling to hands and knees and pulling up on anything and everything. You discovered how much fun slides are and bounced on the trampoline. Now you can move on your own you are never further than a few steps away from Brodie. You love dolls and teddies and talk to them all the time. You love cups of any sort and we now have to be very careful about what we leave on the floor. You are blossoming before our eyes and I'm loving every minute.