Last Chance Run

I have just registered online to take part in the Great Scottish Run in a few weeks. I've been putting it off despite following a half marathon training plan for the last ten weeks as I wasn't sure I was actually going to go through with it. After all what's wrong with completing the training plan without completing the event?But that was probably never going to happen. Despite the fact that I know it's going to hurt and I might well be disappointed if I don't manage to improve on my last experience I've signed up anyway. Perhaps it's olympic fever taking over but I feel stronger and fitter and definitely more experienced this time round. I'm going to be honest though, today was the last long run (60min+) of the plan and I'm glad it's over. I find psyching myself up to run for 2 hours is hard. I think of all the other things I could be doing with those two hours. And it goes without saying my legs hurt after 11 miles. I'm tired and I've lost a toenail. So if you thought I had been slacking on the running front I promise I haven't! I've just been quietly plodding along trying to find the bravado needed to sign up for another half. This is probably the end of my season but I'm hoping to keep running through the winter and to be a new improved runner for 2013.