That Pinterest, it's a wonderful thing.

So these have been floating about on Pinterest forever and I thought they would be perfect in Grier's room. Brodie has a sling bookshelf in his room which is great because he can see at a glance the book he wants from the front cover and he can put books away himself easily which is a bonus. It does take up quite a lot of room so I was looking for a more compact solution for Grier. These are spice racks from IKEA. And I'm so lazy I didn't even paint or varnish them, I left them unfinished but I think they still look good in the room. And best of all Grier is having a blast taking books in and out and bringing them to me to read. She can't reach the top ones obviously but Brodie is having fun rotating them so she always has new ones to look at. I'm sure someone is going to get bashed with the door at some point.......(the door is actually quite stiff so it's not possible to 'throw' it open luckily.

Also in other Pinterest news I came across a solution for rug cleaning which I think might just work. Why the need for rug cleaning? Lets just say nappy free time ended swiftly and was followed by a mid morning bath. I used white vinegar and warm water with a dishwasher tablet dissolved in the solution. Worked really well, I would definitely recommend for those hard to get out stains. I've given it a once over and I think with another application we should be golden.