I'm going to preface this post with the disclaimer that even the Beechgrove Garden struggled this year with produce and I'm like a billion times less talented (in the garden sense) so it's hardly surprising I haven't got much to show for my gardening efforts this year. I have some carrots, not as many as last year. Some beetroot, lots of potatoes, about 4 tomatoes which are resolutely green, some peas which are delicious, a few green peppers, a handful of raspberries and one blueberry to share. That's it. Of course I'm going to blame the weather and not my somewhat casual style of gardening.I was able to feed my family with a cottage pie made with homegrown veg so I'll take that for the win this year, and promise to work harder next.

Luckily the brambles which actually belong to my neighbour but which grow over my wall and seem so virulent they would survive nuclear war are in full fruit so look forward to crumble and jam in the near future.