Teenage angst

I've upset a few people while out running recently. No, not the dog owners, I haven't had to run away from a dog for ages. The people who seem to be most offended by me running past them are teenage girls. The first couple of times I've run past a gaggle of girls I didn't even notice they were shouting at me until I was gone (you know, because I'm so fast.....) I've had 'Run, Fatty Run!', also 'Oooh, that's disgusting, you're covered in sweat' and 'Do you know how stupid you look?'Um yes, I do. But you're missing the point girls. I would look worse if I hadn't been pounding the pavements for 8 months, trust me. I find it really sad that first these girls are shocked at the sight of a woman out exercising. Why are they so aggressive? I'm not sure but I suspect it comes from a dark place of teenage angst about themselves. Maybe it would help if we saw how hard 'celebrities' have to work to maintain their low body weight? We never see the hard work, just the results. Maybe these girls don't associate exercise and sweat with a healthy body?