Great Scottish Run 2012

I have the medal which means I totally did it! I took more than 15 minutes off my previous time and finished with a sprint and a big smile on my face. There were a few differences this time round. I wasn't recovering from flu, I had my watch and iPod on me, I took gels on the way and it was a much bigger event. The atmosphere was great, so uplifting and positive. George Square was filled with runners and spectators and even though I travelled through on the train alone and lined up in my muster point on my own, I was never lonely. I was jangly with nerves as I shifted from foot to foot in amongst the other 24,000 entrants waiting for our start signal. I felt good for the first 7 miles, ok for the next 4 and I swear I passed the 11 mile marker at least twice. At one point I passed a small boy on a bike with a bright pink helmet waving at the crowd and I was just grinning thinking about Brodie waving me off on all those early morning runs. The last mile was painful but there is nothing like that feeling of passing through the finish line. Amazing.