Why do I blog? It keeps me in touch with family and friends, especially those far from us. I enjoy keeping memories from Brodie and Grier's everydays and special days. I like having a place to catalogue things I've made - essentially showing off. I get far too excited on those odd days when the visitor count is higher than the norm. I get a kick out of people finding a post of mine through a search engine.My blog is pretty basic though, it's more supermarket basic range than showstopper. I like visiting pretty blogs but I lack the tech savvy to make mine so. Writing a successful, much visited blog is a full-time job and I already have way too much on my plate but I wanted to have a go at making the blog a bit more professional looking. I've added a navigation bar at the top of the page - try it out, go on! If you are a regular reader can you let me know why you read? What would make the blog more user-friendly? If you are a random visitor who merely googled 'baked potato' and ended up here please feel free to chip in, pun fully intended.