I'm a handbag lover. I bought my first expensive, grown up handbag in Boston from the Marc by Marc Jacobs store with money saved over my first year of teaching. I remember feeling a bit sick as I paid for it, wondering how to justify such an expensive purchase on top of a trip to America.I shouldn't have worried, I used the bag every day for about 3 years. It's a bit worn around the edges now but I know it's safe in its dust bag under my bed for when the time comes I want to use it agin and perhaps one day Grier will want a cool vintage bag? Which brings me to my point - stay with me I'll get there eventually. When you have a baby you are required to lug around a crazy amount of kit. I consider myself a bit of a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff and even I struggled to carry a newborn in a car seat and my new mum megabag. I had a lovely OiOi changing bag when Brodie was born which was nice to look at and roomy. It was huge though and swung off the pram handle like a wrecking ball and there was absolutely no way it would fit in the basket underneath the pram. I eventually graduated to carrying a little compact bag with just a couple of nappies and wipes in my own bag which housed snacks, toys and other essentials. It became clear after we had Grier though that my little compact was not going to work and the faithful OiOi by now had a broken zip. I had all the newborn stuff to carry and Brodie at 2 and a half still needed snacks, hats, bibs, drinks and usually a digger or two. I read loads of reviews of changing bags and couldn't make a decision. One day I noticed zulily were selling Babymule bags. They were a great price and I was getting desperate so I ordered one. Do you ever buy something which actually lives up to the hype? Something you would recommend to strangers were they to enquire about your fancy bag? Well this is that bag. I love the fact it can be a messenger bag or back pack. It has enough pockets to be useful but not so many that you lose things and come across decomposing bits of fruit weeks after you packed it in there. The mat and little changing pack are great and I haven't once had a complete panic when I think I've lost my purse or phone because I can always get to them in seconds. I feel a little ridiculous waxing lyrical about a changing bag but this one is worth it. I can wear it on my back, carry Grier on my front and keep on hand free to hold Brodie's hand. Greig will happy wear it and it looks brand new after several months of wear. I was gutted then, when I shut the strap in the car door and snapped one of the fastenings on the shoulder strap. In my head I said a lot of swear words. I contacted Babymule asking them where I could find a replacement and get this - they sent me a new fastening thingy! My Babymule is complete once more. I think the moral of the story is this - it's worthwhile buying a good quality changing bag. You won't regret it if it makes your life easier and if you like the way it looks so much the better, as I said I'm a bag lover.